First Grade Fun!

Welcome to First Grade!

I want my students to see that this is their new classroom, and that they are welcome here. I always have some sort of welcome bulletin board on the front door.

How To: I used butcher paper to create the blue and the tree, the owls each have a students name on them. One of the first things that the kids love to do on orientation night is find their name. It really gives them a welcoming feeling.

Hallway Bulletin Board

Hallway bulletin boards are a great way to display your student’s work for the school to see. This bulletin board uses the generic title “watch us bloom” so I can keep it up all year.

How To: I used brown fabric as the background, and green butcher paper as the hills. At the start of the year each student decorates a “little them” during a lesson on details. I use these little people to post next to their work. The work changes at least once each quarter, but the bulletin board stays the same.