100 Day in First Grade!

For 100 Day we do center style activities where students in groups of 5 or six take part in a 100 Day “triathlon”.

Station1: 100 Fruit Loops on a necklaces

I use a 100’s chart, where the students first count out 100 fruit loops. Then they string them on┬áto make a 100’s Day Fruit Loop Necklace. I use Oriental Trading’s Tipped Yarn. It makes it easier for the students to thread, but is still a great fine motor activity.

Finished Necklace

Station 2: 100 Exercises

The students go outside with a family volunteer and:

1. Toss a bean bag 100 times

2. Jump up and down 100 times

3. Bounce a ball 100 times

4. Hop on one foot 100 times

It not only gets them counting to 100, but it’s also a great way for them to get some energy out.

Toss a bean bag 100 Times!

Bounce a ball 100 times!

Hop up and down 100 times!

Station 3: 100 Dot Hat

The students write “100 day” as the title, then they draw 100 dots on the hat.

Happy 100 Day!


Guided Math Centers- Organization

The easiest way to organize my guided math games is to put them in magazine holders by standard and quarter.

Magazine holders

I use shipping labels to label each holder with the power standard and quarter

Inside each holder I have gallon baggies containing games and activities.

I get many of my games from blogs, TPT, Pinterest, or I make them myself.

I also use Origo games. They focus on subitizing and addition and subtraction strategies.

I organize my math tools in this shelving unit:

Each tub is labeled with its contents for easy access by teacher and students