Calendar and schedule

The rug area is where we spent our calendar time.

Our Schedule, Kelso's Choices, and a bathroom reminder.

A few helpful things about this picture. Having a picture schedule is great for primary grades and English Language Learners. This schedule gave must students the power to know what their day would look like. I didn’t have to worry about students asking me “when’s recess” etc. I tried to use picture reminders to go along side the words. An example of this is the bathroom poster.

For this bulletin board, I covered up a blackboard that was there that I didn’t use. I used brown fabric at the background. Fabric won’t fade like butcher paper does. The border is an Eric Carle Border.


My “Kinder Garden”

This was the back-wall of our “kinder garden”.

How To: I used large light blue butcher paper first for the sky. Next, I cut the hills from light green butcher paper and stapled them over the blue. The clouds were cut from white paper with googly eyes. Each student had their own flower. They drew a “me on the first day of school” portrait on white¬† paper. I used these flowers for the cover of their portfolio at the end of the year. The butterfly’s came from a small shop in Portland, OR. Though I found something similar here: Butterfly Garland

It’s important for your students to see themselves in their classroom. To feel some ownership and pride in the space. A great way to do this is to make sure their work decorates the room.